nuts and bolts 1000 pcs

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In my store are products from the game Fortnite.
More than 1000 sales, reliability, guarantees, adequate and courteous service, the fastest delivery and the best prices!

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If you want to receive the goods very quickly!
1) I work from 8 00 to 00 00 in Moscow time. Pacific time 22 00 to 14 00 + - 4 hours, depending on the situation.
2) Keep track of my status and write to me
You can find out my status here
3) If you are active, when I sleep. You can send me a message when you're online!
Example - I will be from 17-00 05 07 2018 Pacific time zone
Just write in advance so that I can meet you
4)You can provide your account information. login and password (only epicgame laucher for PC)
To do this, you need to create an epicgame account for the PC and associate the console (if you do not have a PC account)
What would I just put the purchased item in your account. You came from work and the goods are already waiting for you!
Reliability and safety, I guarantee!

100% of our goods were delivered to customers.
The product can not be delivered if you do not have PVE mode (Save the World)
How to receive the goods?
1) Notify me of the desire to buy the goods (write on Ebay or scype - tltarmor)
2) We agree on the transmission time
3) Add to friends. compatible PC PS 4 XBOX
4) Read the paragraph below, Attention - Agreement (contract) with the seller
5) Payment
6) Shipping products
7) Confirmation of the transaction, feedback

XBOX, PS 4. Who does not know how to play with a PC players? watch these videos

ATTENTION !!! - Agreement (contract) with the seller

Before buying, read the descriptions of all products. If you are all satisfied, go to the "How to get the goods" section.
In principle, this applies to those who are not honest and the scammer. Good people, always get the goods and good reviews!
To avoid further disputes. When you pay for the goods, you agree that you have received them, the goods have reached you completely and have not suffered, and you are absolutely satisfied.
We have such a delivery system based on complete trust. We have a lot of feedback, we work with a 100% guarantee.
When you pay for goods, you have confirmed receipt of the goods, and no refunds are possible.
This suggests that after the payment of goods, a dispute on your part is impossible, since you all read and agree with the terms of the contract, the description.
I warn you, we do not have trackers for delivery (due to the specifics of the goods).
We directly transfer the goods directly to the client.
If you create a dispute, you automatically become a loser. Because you knew the conditions, and you broke the contract.
Because we gave you the goods, and you got it 100%. But you are trying to commit fraud and return money.

For the smartest
1) This is a sheet of A4 paper
2) The sheet of paper shows the main picture of the product.
3) Black and white color (not colored)
4) Sending will be by economy international shipping, which will be available. Goods will be on the way 1-3 months
This is the product that you bought. If you try to open a dispute. You will receive a sheet of paper.

If you agree with the contract and description of the goods - pay for the goods.
The product will be 100% with you!